Dualstream Introducing Dualstream

For many years the UK has relied on cold - water storage tanks and copper cylinders as the traditional method of providing our hot and cold water supplies. The exception to this is generally the kitchen tap, which is normally fed direct from the mains supply.

In the early 1980s, unvented cylinders (or mains pressure cylinders as they are also known) were introduced into the UK. With their popularity-increasing year on year, unvented cylinders are now the preferred choice for many developers, heating engineers, architects and end users, with many benefits over traditional systems.

What are Mains pressure/unvented cylinders?

The unvented hot water storage system is not a new concept; developed by
a British engineer and introduced into Stockholm in 1861. It has been successfully installed for a number of years in many countries in Europe, as well as USA, Australia, New Zealand and more recently the UK.

An unvented cylinder is a storage water heater sealed to the atmosphere that is connected directly to the mains water supply, delivering mains pressured hot and potable cold water to all outlets, without the need for cold- water storage tanks or shower pumps. Unvented cylinders are quiet in operation, have much quicker heat up and recovery times and allow for greater housing designs as they can be sited almost anywhere. Made to a high specification the cylinders also allow for greater choice in bathroom and shower fittings.

But as good as unvented cylinders are, it is true to say that they will only be as good as the main supply that feeds them, for both pressure and flow rate, and with fluctuating pressures in many areas of the UK, shared or old supplies and the growth in multiple bathroom properties customers are demanding a system that can meet there expectations and demands.

Dualstream systems offer a unique concept with unrivalled performance