About GAH

The GAH group of companies was formed in 1993 to provide world class solutions to the ever-changing demands of the heating, refrigerated transport and water control industries.

Built in Britain

Based in Suffolk our manufacturing facility is second to none and is a testament to our forward thinking, dedication and our commitment to develop and invest in new innovations and systems. Uniquely, we are proud to remain an independent manufacturing company, being both UK-based and UK-owned.

Transport Refrigeration

GAH refrigeration specialises in the design and manufacture of direct-drive transport refrigeration systems. Our systems carry temperature sensitive goods for chill, freeze and heat applications in single or multi-compartment suitably insulated vehicles. All our systems are designed and manufactured in-house using the latest equipment, including 3D CAD systems.

Maintenance support

Our systems are supported by a nationwide fleet of service and repair engineers, a 24-7 UK-based call centre and a range of maintenance options.

Heating & Renewable energy

GAH supplies and manufactures a range of heating and renewable energy solutions for domestic and commercial properties. The landscape of this industry is very different from when we started business in 1993, selling predominantly oil boilers, and the current GAH product range is a
reflection of this.

Fuelled by a desire to utilize renewable energy sources in our homes and businesses, the GAH range of products includes the Electrastream range of electric and solar electric boilers, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, solar panels and rainwater harvesters.

Water control systems

Coldstream and Dualstream systems have developed the use of accumulator technology to increase the flow of water and balance the mains pressure to hot and cold supplies within your property.

Our latest innovation, Boosterstream, is a small booster to increase water pressure to a home.

Water Softeners

GAH Water Softeners offer a full range of compact, fully automatic water softeners which will descale your existing system, prevent new scale from forming and start saving you money from the moment it is installed.